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University of Mississippi

Mercer Ann Moon

Photo by Thomas Graning/Ole Miss Communications

Mercer Ann Moon. Photo by Thomas Graning/Ole Miss Communications

Admissions Counselor

Pictured in front of the Trent Lott Leadership Institute.

As an undergraduate, I spent most of my days in the Trent Lott Leadership Institute building. My time here was split between the classroom, study sessions, and meeting with professors. The Lott Institute offered me unique opportunities that ranged from volunteering, to study abroad programs, and internships. This building is so important to me because it represents not only the exceptional education I received but also the lifelong relationships I formed with friends and professors and the valuable leadership lessons I learned.

Personal Information:

Hometown: Ridgeland, Mississippi
Degree: B.A. in Public Policy Leadership, Minor in History


Texas, based in Dallas, and the state of Oklahoma

Contact Information:

Phone: 469-410-4855