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University of Mississippi

whitmanWhitman Smith

Director of Admissions

Pictured in front of the Lyceum.

One of my earliest memories is watching my mother walk up the front steps of the Lyceum each morning to go to work. I remember going inside the building as a toddler, thinking how massive it seemed, but how friendly the people inside were to me and my mother. When I came back to college, it was a welcome sight and brought back memories of family and childhood. I started working at Ole Miss right after graduation, and my first “real” job was also in the Lyceum. It is the symbol not only of our great university, but of my university family that has taken care of me ever since I left home. I’m so proud to work here as a 4th generation employee and to continue the legacy my family started in the 1920’s.

Personal Information:

Hometown: Oxford, Miss.
Degrees: Education, B.A.; Higher Education Leadership, M.Ed.

Contact Information:

Phone: 662-915-5177


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