Office of Admissions

University of Mississippi

Applying to Ole Miss – Readmission

Readmission of Former Students

All students who have interrupted their enrollment in the University must submit an Application for Re-Admission to the Office of Admissions. Those who have attended other institutions during the interruption must have official transcripts forwarded by the institutions to the Office of Admissions.

Re-admission requirements for students who have been academically suspended or dismissed from the University are given in the Academic Standing section of the Academic Regulations chapter of the Undergraduate Catalog.

Academic Restart Policy

A student may reenter the University and be allowed to start his or her college education completely over after having been out of the University and any other post-secondary educational institution for at least 48 consecutive months. The student will enter as a totally new student and all the academic regulations for new students (e.g., concerning probation, suspension, and honors) will apply.

A student’s grades obtained prior to academic restart will remain on the transcript, but all grades made prior to academic restart will no longer be calculated in the grade point average. The student waives the right to have any prior grades calculated in the GPA upon being admitted to the restart program, even if those grades are transferred from another institution.

A student may use the academic restart policy only one time.

Admission of Disabled Students

The University of Mississippi complies with all applicable laws regarding affirmative action and equal opportunity in all its activities and programs and does not discriminate against anyone protected by law because of disability. Decisions regarding admission to the University are made on the basis of admissions standards stated above.

To become eligible for services and programs through the Center for Student Disability Services, a student must be fully admitted to The University of Mississippi. In the case of a learning disability, the student must first verify the disability by presenting a personal copy of a psychoeducational evaluation with a specific diagnosis of a learning disability to the Center for Student Disability Services. In case of other physical handicaps, the admitted student must provide documentation (medical, social, psychological, and other supporting information) that verifies the physical handicap. Once the student’s disability has been verified, the appropriate committee will review all submitted information and make a recommendation regarding providing assistance for the student.

While the University attempts to accommodate students with disabilities, its ability to provide for the needs of all such students may be limited. Students requiring assistance or services through the Center for Student Disability Services are advised to ascertain, before enrolling in the University, whether the particular services desired would be available to them.